• Yogi Starter Kit
  • Yogi Starter Kit
  • Yogi Starter Kit
  • Yogi Starter Kit

Yogi Starter Kit


The perfect starter kit for every yogi! Each kit includes:

Halfmoon Dual Practice Mat

This mat is extra thick, with two different surfaces depending on your practice and needs.

Every day and every practice is different. Choose from a soft grippy surface one day or a durable textured surface the next. This mat is thought enough to take anything your practice dishes out, yet cushy enough to make your joints happy.

1/4" thick
24" x 72"
3.4 lbs

Mat Cleaner (Scented or Grapefruit and Bergamont)

Do more with this strap. The fixed loop on one end is handy for so many poses. Deepen your leg stretches, correct your alignment, and extend your reach like never before.

  • 100% natural
  • made with pure essential oils
  • non-toxic, recycled bottle

6' Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

Every Power Yogi works up a sweat now and again. Mat Clean is formulated with the naturally antibacterial properties of essential oils which keeps mats smelling fresh and functioning at top performance