• TWEEN YOGA + Gratitude Journals + Chocolate

TWEEN YOGA + Gratitude Journals + Chocolate


Gratitude is Our Attitude

Yoga + Journaling + Chocolate!!

Grab your friends and enjoy a Special Yoga Event that is designed just for you!

Friday, May 18th from 7:00-9:00pm 

Namaste @ Veitch - 328 O'Connell Dr. 

We will do yoga to great music, engage in some mindful meditation, enjoy delicious chocolate (from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company) and create your very own gratitude journal!!!

We will provide ALL yoga props and journal supplies!

We promise a fun and supporting environment where Tweens can create, foster, and express themselves. This unique Tween Yoga Workshop will provide an opportunity for Tweens to develop meaningful relationships, physical strength and stamina, greater emotional stability and a positive body image. We will practice techniques to reduce stress, we will laugh, maybe even chant, but most importantly, discover our potential. No experience needed. Just have fun! All supplies are included.

Spaces are limited...Sign up Today!