• Namaste Studios YOGA Birthday Booking

Namaste Studios YOGA Birthday Booking


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This party package includes:

Our birthday parties are fun, enriching, unique and memorable for all children. We offer them in our studio at 328 O'Connell Dr., Corner Brook, NL

Our birthday parties run for 2 Hours and include the following:

- A 45-60 minute customized yoga class filled with age appropriate poses, props, games, and relaxation exercises. Our staff is on hand to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and that you have a NO HASSLE, STRESS FREE party.

- Families are welcome to bring in food, cake, beverages, balloons, decorations, etc. Kids can choose a theme or pick one from our list that we will then incorporate into the class. A theme is not necessary in order to have a super fun party!

- For children ages 0-4, parents will participate in the yoga class with their child.

- For our older children (ages 5+) parents will rest and socialize in our parents lounge area while the yoga class is being lead. Kick back and relax with our complimentary specialty teas!

- You can arrive 20 minutes prior to your party to set up and our Birthday Party Attendant will assist you. Everything in and around the yoga studio must be cleaned up by the end of the 2 hours.

We offer the parties with lots of Love, Yoga & Mindfulness Activities, and lots of SMILES. 


The Price is $150 for 10 Children and $5 extra per additional child up to a maximum of 15 children.