• Yoga in the Classroom - Teacher Training

Yoga in the Classroom - Teacher Training



Two Day Training

Saturday, October 13th --> 8:30 - 4pm

Sunday, October 14th --> 8:30-4pm

Enrolment in Private FB Support Group for 3 Months Post Training 


Anatomy & Physiology

  1. Children’s Anatomy & Physiology
  2. Yoga and the Child’s Brain
  3. Developmental Milestones

Yoga Philosophy

  1. Yamas & Niyamas, Ethics
  2. Cultivating Positive Relationships with Students

Yoga Strategies for Classroom Management 

  1. How yoga supports learning
  2. Provide interactive lesson plans
  3. Set up expectations and guidelines for behaviour with the students
  4. Foster a non-competitive, supportive environment   
  5. Provide mindful opportunities to engage students with partners
  6. Teach boundaries and self-control using equipment and yoga props
  7. Teach students responsibility as they learn to care for environment, equipment, self, and others.

Yoga Strategies for Students who Require a High Level of Support 

  1. Student-Focused Instruction
  • High needs students struggle in the classroom; the Yoga instruction offered is mindful so that each student is able to experience success.
  • Getting to know the students and their strengths, needs and preferences to tailor instruction and activities
  • Training for various high incidence exceptionalities
  • How to differentiate instruction based on student needs (i.e. high incidence disorders and issues in the school system; Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as Anxiety, Depression and stress management)
  • Teaching based on Student Learning Styles
  • Provide instruction and examples of lessons that meet the needs of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning styles
  • Multi-sensory approach
  • mindful instruction that considers sensory needs

Teacher’s Tool Kit 

  1. Yoga Breathing Exercises & Practice Teaching
  2. Yoga Poses - Learning & Practice Teaching
    1. Mat Yoga & Chair Yoga
    2. Sequencing Design and Implementation (How to Teach the Poses)
  3. Yoga Relaxation - Learning and Practice Teaching
    1. Guided Meditation and Visualization Techniques
  4. Resource Reservoir for Teachers - Learning & Practice Teaching
    1. Yoga Songs, Games, Adventures, Stories
    2. Partner & Group Yoga Poses

Upon completion of the 16 Hour (2 Day) Training, Trainees will:

  1. Receive 2-Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate of Completion
  2. Receive prepared, developmentally appropriate lesson plans for their respective age/grade category (primary, elementary, intermediate, secondary)
  3. Be prepared to assist students in the development of empathy, resilience, self-efficacy, and positive social skills through engagement with yoga philosophy and techniques.


To Receive Your Yoga in Schools Teacher Training Certification:

  1. Submit 4 lesson plans
  2. Record and submit yourself teaching two 30-minute classes

Additional Opportunities

To support teachers in continuing education, teachers who complete the 20 hour intensive training have optional access to additional resources at a discounted rate. Some additional learning options, resources, and materials available include;

  • Membership in the Om School Yoga Teacher Online Community
  • One on One Mentorship with an Om School Trainer
  • Online Video Content Subscription - yoga songs, games, storytime, lessons