Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Learn to teach yoga from the heart. At Namaste Studios, we offer a 200Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. We provide you with the necessary skills to create an effective yoga class with an emphasis on both physical and emotional safety of your students , as well as nurture your unique gifts and passions to help you become the best yoga teacher you can be. Our comprehensive curriculum is based on Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga to support you to embody the soul of Yoga as a teacher and in your life. 

This is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified program and the perfect program to enhance your life or start your career as an instructor

Course Outline - April - December 2019

Yoga Asana Techniques -  100 hours

You will study and become proficient in:

  • Understanding and teaching of  

    • Standing Postures 

    • Seated Postures 

    • Balance Postures 

    • Prone & Supine Postures 

    • Inversions

    • Twists

  • Develop a daily personal sadhana practice

  • Pranayama breathing exercises

  • Mudra hand positions

Yoga Methodology - 30  hours 

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology - 30 hours

You will study:

  • The Subtle Energy System

  • Organs in the body

  • Specific muscles in the body

  • Bones in the body

  • The Anatomy of Movement

  • The Anatomy & Physiology of each yoga posture 

Yoga Philosophy  - 30 hours

You will study:

  • History of yoga

  • Branches of yoga

  • Styles of yoga

  • Eight fold-path and

  • Patanjali's Sutras 

Student Practicum Experience - 10  hours

  • Students must teach 10 hours of yoga prior to graduation