Namaste After-School Yoga Camp

"There is nothing more important for human beings than to know themselves and to have self-love. If you have these two things, you will enjoy a life without much chaos or stress; you will experience the best friendships and relationships; and you will be able to fulfill all your dreams." -Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Welcome to Namaste After-School Yoga Camp!

This is the place where friendships are made, connections with one's self and nature are explored and strengthened, joy and gratitude are inspired, and where fun happens!

Your children will engage in yoga, games, art, nature themed activities, and outdoor excursions. Want a sneak-peek of what we do in a day? Take a look below!

Daily Schedule:

  • Circle Time: debrief of children's day to help understand what each child is feeling and what their needs are for that day. Setting of affirmation(s). Choosing an intention for the rest of the day that children can use to help positively inspire motivation. Examples: kindness, courage, or energy. 

  • Games: Team building and yoga inspired games

  • Snack Time

  • Activity: Examples include making a Mala necklace, painting mediation rocks, nature walk on a local trail, nature themed activity such as plant weaving or bird nest making.

  • Yoga followed by brief mediation: Children's yoga focuses on gentle poses that can be modified to suit the needs and ability of each individual child, stories and songs, and a few minutes of relaxing mediation to help reduce stress and promote mindfulness. 


Why Yoga?

Yoga has long been a method to help reduce stress and anxiety, to promote mindfulness, body awareness, flexibility, better sleep, balance, improve concentration, and mood. We live in a world where most days are filled with a busy schedule and there is little time for self-care and reflection. It is vital that children have opportunities to imagine and create and also to rest and restore.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide school-aged children with a unique and quality program that is developmentally appropriate, educational, innovative, and mindful. We acknowledge the importance of play and put an emphasis on imagination, curiosity, and creativity while developing our program. Our goal is to strengthen children's connections with themselves, others, and the Earth; and to encourage body awareness and mindfulness, while enhancing knowledge on various subjects and providing children with the confidence and skills they can use to reach their full potential. 

Our Program:

Focuses on the whole child and ensuring that each child's needs are met. Our program is not performance based nor competitive. It is non-judgmental and non-punitive. Each week a new theme will be explored that is rooted in the teachings of yoga. Themes will follow seasons as well as children's emerging interests. Art, stories, songs, yoga, wellness, science, and nature will help to guide the themes and teachings of topics. Our program also welcomes members of the community to share their skills and expertise with children to promote community connections and knowledge. 

Our Camp Leaders:

Are certified and experienced in the field of Early Childhood Education and Yoga. Staff members have first-aid and CPR training, and specialty yoga training such as children's yoga. Both staff members are passionate about working with children and in their journey with yoga and their connection and knowledge of the outdoors. Their primary goal is to ensure that your children finish each day of camp with a smile on their face and a newfound sense of joy, gratitude, and confidence. 

Ready To Start Your Yoga Camp Adventure?

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