• Tween Yoga: Ages 9-12 (5 Week Series) NOV/DEC

Tween Yoga: Ages 9-12 (5 Week Series) NOV/DEC


WHO: Tweens ages 9-12 yrs.

WHAT: This is a 45 minute Yoga Class that incorporate s yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation practices.

WHEN: Sundays, Nov 18th-Dec 16th @ 6:30pm-7:15pm 

WHERE: 328 O'Connell Dr., @ Namaste Studios (2nd Floor of Veitch Centre)

WHY: This class is dedicated to fostering a relaxing environment for Tweens to reduce stress and feelings of anxiousness, physical and emotional well-being. A safe space is provided for connection and interaction. Tweens will learn learn breathing, relaxation, and mediation techniques to help cope with the stress they experience and provide an outlet for physiological stress and other emotions. 

INSTRUCTOR: Connie Abbass, Intermediate School Teacher, 200-RYT