• Toddler: 1 & 2 Yr Olds with Parent

Toddler: 1 & 2 Yr Olds with Parent


Saturday Afternoons @ 3:30-4:15pm
6 WEEKS: March 24 - April 27th
FEE: $65+HST

Location: 328 O'Connell Dr. (NEW Veitch Building)

Movement, Music, Connection

These classes will incorporate music, games,  and movement to engage their senses, minds and bodies while connecting with parents. A lot of love flows through these classes as parents and children spend this time together.

We want you to know that Yoga for this age group is CRAZY! Don't worry that your child is not quiet or calm enough for yoga. We don't expect them to be. We meet little ones where they are! We don't worry about staying on your is an adventure and yoga is wherever they are. This is a time of exploration and inspection so we incorporate games, music for a fun and engaging class.

The #1 thing your children get from yoga at this age? Loving, fun, dedicated bonding time with parents!