• Prenatal Yoga: 6 Weeks - Sun @ 12pm

Prenatal Yoga: 6 Weeks - Sun @ 12pm


Sundays @ 12:00-1:15pm
6 Weeks: March 25th - April 29th
Location: 328 O'Connell Dr.
Fee: $65.00+HST

Prenatal Yoga uses postures, breathing, and meditation to help ease pregnancy, delivery, and the after effects of birth. The classes create strength, focus, flexibility and awareness through a gentle practice designed especially for the pregnant woman's needs.

In this class we spend the first 20 minutes of class doing a check in with all mamas in the group. Each person gets the opportunity (if you wish) to talk about what you are experiencing physically and mentally, what stage of pregnancy you are in and what is new and/or different for you. The group sharing time is loved by our members and has provided a significant sense of support throughout pregnancy for our mamas.