Yoga Adventure Club



Nancy Here. I am the owner of Namaste Studios and co-creator of the Yoga

Adventure Club. I am a Newfoundlander born and bred, however I have very

little experience hiking our beautiful province. IN fact, I spent the past 11

years living in New York City and New Jersey with very little time to do much



Since moving home in June of 2016, I have wanted to spend more time in the

mountains, on the beach, anywhere I can connect with nature. The problem

is I had no idea where to start and I didn't want to go alone. Schedules are

busy and it is not always easy to coordinate with friends. Then, last summer, I

saw Andrea's photos of one of Andrea's (our Adventure Guide) day hikes to

Turtle Rock in the Lewis Hills. I fell in love immediately and reached out to her

to ask her about it. She offered to take me...I couldn't believe it! I took her up

on the offer and planned a day trip for my whole family. On this hike is where

the Yoga Adventure Club was born - and we both are beyond excited that it

has now become a reality.


So here is the info you all have been waiting for:


Interested in hiking but don’t know where to start?  Ready for adventure in a

safe, fun, supportive environment?  Join us for the Yoga Adventure Club!  We

are planning  four full day adventures this summer, that will be based around

hiking and yoga. We will start with beginner terrain and building up to a

challenging finale.


Ready to escape your hectic day-to-day?  Each hike can be considered a

Mini One Day Retreat.  We provide group transportation (expect sing alongs

and lots of laughs), a guided hike with yoga and meditation at our landing

spot, nature interpretation, and even a healthy bagged lunch for the trail!  Let

us take care of you, while you experience fresh air, exercise, comradery, and

a whole lot of soul food.


What to Expect:

Private Facebook group to help you prepare for our hikes

Daypack packing tutorial

Après hike yoga sequences

Transportation to and from each hike from the designated bus stop

Guided hikes

Nature interpretation throughout the hikes

Guided yoga sequences to soothe your hiking muscles

Guided nature meditation

Packed lunches (meat and vegetarian friendly options)


    About your Guide

    Andrea is a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). She lives in the woods

    outside of Corner Brook with her fiancé, Sean, and a menagerie of pets (2

    cats, 2 dogs, and 4 chickens). Her life mission is to be a conduit for

    knowledge and wonder. She has an M.Sc. in Conservation Biology and is

    passionate about nature, hiking, and connecting deeply to Mother Earth

    through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. She is excited to share her

    knowledge of the natural world with the Yoga Adventure Club and to see

    participants build confidence  through hiking and nature appreciation.


    Hike 1: Cedar Cove Trail - June 23

    Distance:  Approx 3.6 km return with very gradual elevation change.

    Description:  A good beginner hike with gorgeous scenery and ample space to practice yoga and meditate by the ocean. Trail is well marked and well maintained.

    Time: 2.5 hrs (approx)


    Hike 2: Bottle Cove Trail - July 7

    Distance: Approx. 4  km return with very gradual elevation change.

    Description: Preparation hike for climbing the Murray Mountains. We will hike along the coast to the base of the mountain and back to Bottle Cove for yoga and meditation on the bluff by the ocean.  The trail is well marked and well maintained.

    Time: 3 hrs (approx)


    Hike 3: South Head Lighthouse - July 28

    Distance: 6.6 km return with 350 m elevation gain.

    Description: Starting from the same point as the Bottle Cove hike, a steady climb up the valley of the Murray Mountains leads to stunning views of Weeball, the Bay of Islands, and the North Arm Hills. We will practice yoga and meditate at the top of valley, overlooking the vast Gulf of St. Lawrence. Trail is well marked but becomes less maintained as we ascend the valley.

    Time: 3.5 hrs (approx)


    Hike 4: Coppermine Trail - August 25

    Distance: 7.6 km return with 650 m elevation gain.

    Description: Our finale hike! The climb starts in dense forest but then changes to open barrens. From the summit the enitre Bay of Islands can be seen. Summit yoga and meditation will cap off our Yoga Adventure Club hikes for 2018. Sections of this trail are steep, with rest areas scattered along the way.  Trail is well marked and well maintained.

    Time: 4.5 hrs (approx)



    1 Adventure: $65+HST 

    2 Adventures = $120+HST

    3 Adventures = $175+HST

    4 Adventures: $200+HST